Try Our Delicious Cinnamon Nuts, Made in Cheektowaga, NY

Are You Craving Something Sweet?

When it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth, it's time to think outside of the box. Get some Cinnamon-Glazed Nuts from The Bavarian Nut Company! Our almond, pecan and cashew nuts are roasted with sugar, cinnamon and vanilla - and love, of course. We bet that once you try one of our Cinnamon Nuts, you'll get hooked and set the ice cream and cookies aside.

You may think our nuts are made in heaven, but we make them right here in Cheektowaga, NY. Order Cinnamon Nuts to your doorstep anywhere in the country today!

How do we make our sweet nuts?

While it's easy to fall in love with our Cinnamon-Glazed Nuts, it's harder to make them. Thankfully, we've got the process down to an art. Our nutty roasters:

  • Fire up their authentic copper kettle
  • Always made to order in small batches
  • Let each small batch process for maximum flavor
We make each batch fresh and package them right away, so you can be sure your order will arrive as crisp as possible. Want to know more about how we make our products? Ask our friendly staff any questions when you call 716-810-6887 (NUTS) now.