Take Home the Spicy Almonds and Peanuts We Make in Cheektowaga, NY

Taste Our Hot Nuts

If you prefer savory snacks over sweet treats, The Bavarian Nut Company has the perfect product for you. We offer Buffalo Hot peanuts, Sweet & Spicy almonds and cashews, and Cajun Pistachios (in the shell) in Cheektowaga, NY. You can try our flavorful Nuts at an event in the area or get them mailed to your home anywhere in the country. If you're someone who likes a snack that's packed with flavor, our Nuts are for you.

Don't wait to taste our mouth-watering nuts for yourself! Shop our selection of Spicy Almonds and Buffalo Peanuts online now.

Choose a spicy nut that appeals to you

Depending on your taste buds, you might like a different type of heat in your food. That's why we have plenty of hot nut options. We sell homemade:

Sweet and Spicy Almonds: These nuts have a cinnamon glaze with a spicy after kick
Buffalo Hot Peanuts: Our most popular spicy nuts taste just like a buffalo wing
Cajun Pistachios: We make these unique nuts to have a bold flavor

Our Cajun Pistachios are only available online. Add them to your cart now!